The Exclusive Facts about Natural Breast Enlargement Without Surgery


There are females who are totally satisfied with their breast size and shape from their teen years until their thirties. Unfortunately, there are not so many examples of this type of satisfaction and many women dream about breast enlargement.

Anyway, when breast ptosis sets in no one of these females can ignore the appearance of their bust.

Ptosis is a medical term but it simply means shapeless bust.

Aging causes the transformations in a female bust and no lady ever managed to preserve elastic bust through age. Alongside aging, there are some elements that contribute to the problem and these causes have to do with pregnancy period. The shape and dimension of breast changes during this period. Skin loses its elasticity with age and breasts sag even more.

The first idea that comes to any mind about breast enlargement is breast augmentation surgery. Unfortunately, this option is very costly and may cause numerous side effects.

Let’s review the most popular natural breast enlargement methods and compare them with breast surgery.

Breast Enlargement Surgery

Many women make a decision to resolve this problem through breast enlargement surgery. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 1.8 Million breast augmentation surgeries and 0.7 Million breast lift surgeries were performed in the world in 2018 and this figure increases every year. It’s interesting that there were also 0.5 Million breast reduction surgeries in 2018.

The failure rate for breast augmentation surgery is less than 10%. Some women are not happy with the results and do require breast reduction surgery after initial breast augmentation.

Breast Enlargement Surgery
Breast Enlargement Surgery

The length of the breast enlargement surgery lasts from 1 to 3 hours.

Women are able to return to their usual life a week later after surgical procedure, with the exception of cases when problems occur.

But the surgical procedure is always a kind of risk; one can return the beauty of breasts and their youth with natural breast enlargement. More and more women give their voice in favor of herbal breast supplements.

Breast surgery complications

Before engaging in breast surgery, find out about following side effects that can result in bad shapes of your breast – or even ruin your health and all your future. That is why modern medicine is trying to develop alternative breast enlargement solutions.

Breast surgery scars by partial mastectomy.

Here is a risk of possible breast surgery complications:

  1. First and foremost there could be an allergic reaction to the anesthetic. General is considered to be riskier yet any anesthetic could bring on a negative reaction. Although extremely rare, it is possible to bleed post-operatively resulting in another surgery to control and drain the collected blood. Another possibility is a hematoma (a collection of clotted blood), seroma (a collection of the watery portion of the blood) and thrombosis (abnormal clotting).
  2. Loss of sensitivity is common, although temporary. Permanent sensation loss in the areola (nipple) area or breasts, in general, can and may happen. There is also a risk of excessive scarring or inner scar tissue. Also, you must have more views (films) taken when having a mammogram if you have breast implants — especially overs.
  3. There is also a risk of calcifications — especially when there is a definite, thick capsule around the implant. And galactorrhea, which is when you start producing breast milk, is also a complication. This is usually remedied on its own and may stop spontaneously although some cases may need medication or implant removal. Although very rare, it is worth mentioning, full disclosure is the key to informed consent.
  4. Breast tissue atrophy (loss, shrinking) is a possibility. According to the FDA report, “the pressure of the breast implant may cause the breast tissue to thin and shrink. This can occur while implants are still in place or following implant removal without replacement”.
  5. Necrosis (death) of the breast tissue, breast envelope and or incision line can happen. Although extremely rare. The chances of necrosis are increased after radioactive/chemotherapy treatment, if you smoke and have poor circulation, or have temperate therapy or cryotherapy postoperatively.
  6. Extrusion is also an extremely rare occurrence but a scary possibility. Extrusion of the implant is where your body rejects the prosthesis and pushes it out of the skin, like when a piercing is pushed out or like when a thorn or splinter is pushed from the body. Then the implant may become visible under the skin and must be removed before it breaks through resulting in possibly an infection and definite major scarring.
  7. Infection. You could develop a post-operative infection and need to have the implant removed, the infection dealt with and still have to wait for several months before an additional surgery can be performed to re-implant. Infections usually occur with the first 4 to 6 weeks. Some possible infections and a more common one being Staphylococcus, or simply Staph.

About breast implants

The most controversial of all, there have scores of studies hoping to determine the negative health effects of breast implants. Obviously, silicone breast implants, which were banned by the FCC in 1992 were deemed to be unsafe, as they may have leaked inside the women’s bodies and caused them irreparable harm and numerous complications.

Today, saline solution is used and, while it doesn’t feel quite as natural, it is not a harmful substance.

There is still a chance that the implant could malfunction, but in that case, it is a simple procedure to remove it.

Is it really required to risk so much if you can easily find herbal breast supplements guaranteed to help? It’s up to you.

Breast implants and cancer

A very disturbing study released in the US a few months ago made headlines when it showed that breast implants and other breast augmentations could potentially increase breast cancer risk. The study’s results seemed to indicate that women with breast implants had a very low but increased risk of developing certain type of breast cancer compared to women who didn’t have breast implants.

Do breast implants affect hormones?

While breast implants themselves do not directly affect hormone levels, some studies suggest potential indirect effects on hormone-related processes.

One area of concern is the impact of breast implants on hormone metabolism and endocrine function. Silicone implants, in particular, have raised concerns regarding their potential to interact with the endocrine system. Silicone is known to release small amounts of siloxanes, which are compounds that can mimic estrogen, a hormone involved in various physiological processes. However, the extent to which these released compounds affect hormone levels in the body is still under investigation.

Additionally, surgical procedures involved in breast implantation, such as incisions and tissue manipulation, may disrupt local hormonal balance and affect the function of mammary glands. Changes in hormone levels could potentially influence breast tissue health and function, although more research is needed to fully understand these effects.

Overall, while breast implants may not directly alter systemic hormone levels, their presence and associated surgical procedures could potentially have subtle effects on hormone metabolism and endocrine function.

Is there a way to enlarge breasts without surgery?

Surgery comes with risks and potential complications, such as scarring, infection, and changes in breast sensation. Is there a way to enlarge breasts without surgery? Fortunately, there are natural alternatives to breast augmentation surgery that can help you achieve your desired breast size without going under the knife.

One natural way to promote breast growth is through the use of herbal supplements. Several herbs, such as Pueraria Mirifica, fenugreek, fennel, and saw palmetto, are believed to stimulate breast tissue growth and increase breast size. These herbs can be taken in supplement form, or applied topically in creams or lotions.

Another natural option is to adjust your diet and lifestyle. Consuming a diet rich in protein, healthy fats, and whole grains can promote hormone production and support breast growth. Additionally, exercising regularly can help to tone and firm the muscles underneath the breast tissue, giving the appearance of larger breasts.

Find alternatives

Depending on what form of breast enlargement surgery you choose, there will be different side effects. The side effects of surgery are not exclusively negative, but most of them are.

Be sure to have a good grasp of what to expect when you undertake this life-altering decision.

Breast enlargement treatment is designed to enhance the appearance of individuals who understand that they are attractive already. By entering this treatment with the right attitude, natural breast enlargement will be one of the best things that a woman can choose.

Natural breast enlargement
Natural breast enlargement

And in this case, herbal breast supplements are the best option you can choose: free of side effects and guaranteed to work!

Before taking herbal breast supplements, it is very important that your doctor confirms that you do not suffer from an allergy to any of the ingredients you’re about to use. Even natural herbs in extracts or in capsules may sometimes contain allergic substances that can be harmful to our bodies. It is important to research herbal supplements and inform yourself about the products you are using so that you are not taking something harmful.

Check all breast enlargement methods in this video

Natural Breast Enlargement

Natural breast enlargement can be referred to as an herbal cure and comprise plant estrogen, named phytoestrogen, which activates prostaglandins, lumping in the glands.

You don’t need to go to the doctor to ask for a prescription. You can get these breast supplements online. One more action coming from breast enlargement supplements is raising the level of estrogen which leads to growing breast tissues.

In order to help increase estrogen levels, many supplements contain substances which are known to increase the amount of estrogen in blood. These are known as estrogenic compounds. These substances can also lower the amount of testosterone and make the figure less masculine.

This is why it’s not recommended for men to take breast enlargement supplements if they want to improve the appearance of their chests. Instead of increasing chest size, they may find themselves with feminine figures and increased bust – this is often called male gynecomastia.

But since women are known to have much higher amounts of estrogen in blood, it’s safe for them to take estrogen supplements for breast growth. However, they should look for herbal estrogen supplements, they are also called phytoestrogens.

Estrogen Therapy

Another way to increase the amount of estrogen in blood is a hormonal therapy. In this case, estrogen hormones are injected directly into the blood stream by a doctor.

This procedure quickly increases the amount of estrogen in blood.

Risks of Estrogen Therapy

However, just like with many hormonal therapies, there are risks and side effects, including serious cardiovascular diseases, kidney and liver failures, and even cancers. For example, when estrogen is not complemented by progesterone, it can accelerate the growth of the uterine lining, raising the risk of endometrial cancer.

Following research have found that these chances of side effects vary depending on the following factors:

  • Age of a woman. Women who start hormone therapy after the age of 60 are more likely to develop the illnesses listed above. However, the benefits of estrogen therapy appear to exceed the dangers if started before the age of 60.
  • Type of therapy. Estrogen therapy risks differ depending on whether estrogen is administered alone or in combination with progestin, as well as the dose and kind of estrogen used.
  • Medical history. When deciding if estrogen therapy is right for you, consider your genetic history, individual medical records, and risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, blood clots, liver problems, and osteoarthritis.

Herbal breast enlargement

Herbal breast enlargement is a perfect solution to increase amount of estrogen in blood and start the process of breast growth without side effects, associated with hormonal therapies or surgeries.

The pros and cons of herbal breast enlargement

The main advantages of herbal breast enlargement are the safety of this procedure, as well as the ease and simplicity of taking pills with certain herbal ingredients. There is no surgical intervention, no scars, no rehabilitation, no side effects from hormonal injections.

However, you should be aware of the drawbacks of herbal breast enlargement:

  • First of all, results are not quick. Although some women notice first breast growth after a first week, for most women it takes up to 3 months to add one cup to their size.
  • Second, you should check the ingredients carefully to eliminate the chance of allergic reactions.
  • Finally, the effectiveness of herbal pills is somewhat limited. While you can choose a huge breast implant and get a ridiculously big breast, with herbal pills you are unlikely to add more than 3 cups. The average result is 2 cups added to bust size.

Herbs for breast enlargement

Herbal breast enlargement includes certain ingredients that can be parts of many medicines created to enlarge bust. They are:

  1. Dandelion is identified to contain a lot of herbal estrogens. You may get its leaves or roots, or both, either as a supplement or as tea. An additional good motive to use dandelion is that it boosts one’s energy and makes you live longer.
  2. Dong Quai root – another plant source of helpful phytoestrogens – possesses also a number of other qualities capable of producing breast enlargement. This root is also used as a natural cure during menstruation. It helps to get rid of cramps.
  3. Fennel: you can find it in a form of tea, gel or lotion. The last ones are put on bust skin directly. Fennel features estrogen and natural nutrients that make the effect mentioned above. A bonus effect of fennel is in its aphrodisiac properties. It is used to fill the tone inside the body with a sexual mood.
  4. Fenugreek seeds, as legend says, have long been used by Middle East harem females as a traditional breast enlargement plant. Fenugreek comprises steroid precursors and female hormones. These elements are able to activate the enlargement of tissues in the breasts. It also comprises a big amount of organic chemicals contributing to breast enlargement.
  5. Wild Yam phytonutrients, in combination with those of fenugreek, are the greatest breast enlargement herbs. Wild Yam is also a good cure for the treatment of premenstrual syndrome and problems ladies have during their menopause.
  6. Pueraria Mirifica: helps females look more feminine, makes the breast bigger, improves the quality of the skin and nourishes it, and reduces menopausal symptoms. It also has an antiaging effect and stimulates blood circulation.

These ingredients are FDA approved for use in breast enhancement products. They also seem to be recognized by many as a potentially good combination for balancing hormonal profiles, treating female libido problems, as well as improving overall health.

Breast enlargement without surgery

Different mixtures of these natural components are fundamental for the majority of the products for breast enlargement without surgery.

Ingredients of natural breast supplements should be written on the label and you should realize what you choose for your safe breast enlargement.

Herbs in breast enlargement supplements
Herbs in breast enlargement supplements

If you want to have bigger, fuller and elastic breasts for many years use only the best supplement for breast enlargement. They will guarantee you the best result in a few weeks.

Do Breast Enlargement Supplements Work?

The unique blend of herbs and minerals found in breast enhancing herbal supplements are, on their own, powerful medicines and multivitamins that are used to cure many ailments. However, put together, they are a tour de force that ends up altering your hormone patterns.

This altering of the hormones will have a positive effect on breast growth.

Confident woman with enlarged breasts
A confident woman with enlarged breasts

Natural breast enlargement is not a quick fix. As with any herbal therapy, dietary supplements can take weeks to increase breast size. However, patience and the use of high-quality natural ingredients will boost the woman’s self-esteem and self-confidence as a result of changes in breast size.

Please be aware, it is forbidden to take the herbal pills if you are pregnant or nursing. While there is no concrete evidence that there is a problem, there is a small chance that it could harm your baby or unborn fetus.

Benefits of Natural Supplements for Breast Enlargement

What are the benefits of natural supplements for breast enlargement?

They are many. For most women natural supplements are the only supplements they will need in order to increase breast size. Let’s take a quick look at these benefits.

You will be noticed, become more confident, feel better as you will like your new look. You will wear clothes you could not choose before. You will be so attractive!

Supplements for larger breasts are the best solution to your worries!

Check the components to make sure your supplements for breast enlargement contain only the best herbal components, which will stimulate the natural and safe growth of your breasts.

Do not forget about the money-back guarantee while purchasing your pills. Thus, you will have nothing to lose!

How to Find the Best Breast Enlargement Supplements?

There are dozens of healthcare companies on the market today selling breast supplements that can increase female breast size. Most of them use natural herbal ingredients because herbal supplements provide the best and most effective results without side effects.

Healthcare experts
Healthcare experts

Healthcare experts have known for ages which herbs to prescribe for natural breast growth and now those same components are available in breast pills that do not require a prescription.

These natural breast supplements don’t contain hazardous components. In comparison with a range of methods, supplements for breast growth don’t include parabens and fragrances.

Another very important thing to mention is that they’re all natural and healthy for your body, as opposed to artificial chemicals that you may find in most of the hormonal treatments. These natural products with herbal ingredients are also very effective at treating and preventing PMS symptoms, such as bloating, breast tenderness, or vaginal dryness. If you’re looking for products to replenish the depleted estrogen levels that you can’t produce on your own, these natural products may be your ticket!

But there is another problem now. The shops are overloaded with different supplements for breast enlargement which are supposed to help women in their desire for beauty. It is really a challenging task once you set off in pursuit of the appropriate product, which has many alternatives as well.

How to choose the best breast supplements?

This can be a very difficult task, especially when you don’t have access to all of the information on product labels. To make things even more complicated, you’ll also have to choose between a very large number of different products. This means that you’ll need to start researching each product for yourself by consulting with your physicians. Even then, there will be still numerous choices to consider because many different elements are found in breast pills.

All-natural breast supplements guide

Please read our breast supplements guide
Please read our breast supplements guide

When you are looking for the best breast enhancing supplements, the first thing to study is whether the company offers honest, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

If there is no guarantee, skip the company, no matter what promises it makes and how cheap their product is. All reputable companies offer a money-back guarantee for at least 30 days.

You can also look for additional benefits of herbal breast supplements like a more regular menstrual cycle, better moods all day long, less stress and depression, and increased libido.

This list of benefits will be much longer, and discussed elsewhere.

The right strategy for choosing the best all-natural breast supplements would be to look for the right option by means of weighing all the pros and cons to make the best decision.

Read supplements reviews

Find an independent breast enlargement forum with a large number of product reviews, also find the list of side effects and see if there are any positive opinions of these breast pills.

Don’t waste time on reading breast enlargement supplements reviews written by fake bloggers. They are usually created solely for advertising purposes and will not help you make your choice.

Every detail can be important as your health is on stake. Consumers who are currently making use of supplements that make breasts grow should confirm that their breasts are growing and become younger-looking.

If a product has helped a great number of women to enlarge their breasts safely and quickly, it will surely help you, too.

If you find out a lot of negative comments and warnings, you’d better look for better breast enhancing supplements.

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