How to Get Bigger Boobs after Weight Loss?

The Secrets of How to Get Bigger Boobs after Weight Loss, Without Surgery!


There are some happy women, who have entirely no complaints about the size and looks of their boobs for many years, somewhat until they are about 40 years old. But even these females get upset as their boobs start to exhaust their looks and form.

This condition is caused by countless factors, weight loss being the most common one.

In addition to weight loss, there are some other factors that contribute to the problem and these causes have to do with pregnancy period. The form and dimension of boobs adjust during and after this period. Aging also causes a loss of suppleness, corny skin, and a shift of boobs’ glands.

This is when women often start to think about how to get bigger boobs after weight loss. While many of them decide to try surgery to get bigger boobs, others are not happy with side effects, risks, and costs associated with surgical procedures.

The type of surgery women want is pretty dependent on their body type and needs. But what are the things that they have to consider when they want to have their boobs augmented? We decided to create this article to find out how popular surgeries are right now and how to get the most cost-effective and safe women’s breast augmentation – with or without surgery.

Let’s take a closer look at all options, methods, and techniques of boobs enlargement.

Weight Loss

In addition to being unhappy with their boobs size, many women often try different weight loss programs. Although losing excess weight has many positive effects on the female body, there is one possible side effect that is often underestimated.

Significant weight loss has a negative effect on female boobs.

Many women are unpleasantly surprised with how weight loss affects their boobs. Even if they are happy with the results of weight loss programs and enjoy their new appearance, there is on part of the body that is negatively affected by weight loss. It’s their boobs – many women are very dissatisfied with appearance of boobs after loosing weight.

What happens with boobs after weight loss?

When women lost much of their weight, they often need a plastic surgeon to help their boobs to recover their beauty. In such cases, the changes can be seen even when a woman is dressed, and it spoils her appearance; a woman feels better than looks.

A woman after losing weight
A woman after losing weight

When you quickly lose big amounts of weight it is not only the skin of your boobs to be affected. Breast inner part, its tissue, full and supple in its normal state, becomes “deflated” and loose.

Unfortunately, many women are not happy with their sagging boobs after they complete a weight loss program.

With age, glandular boobs portions that were firm before, lose their firmness. Loose tissues come instead and this affects the shape of boobs. The problem of a similar type usually occurs in patients after considerable loss of weight.

Can Saggy Breasts Go Back to Normal?

Sometimes, after losing weight, the skin around your breasts might tighten up on its own. This can depend on factors like age, genetics, and how much weight you lost. However, in most cases your boobs might not fully go back to how they were before.

However, for most women, particularly those who have lost a large amount of weight or who have experienced significant changes in breast size, the skin may not fully retract on its own, resulting in persistent sagging.

How to Address Breast Sagging?

For women seeking to address sagging breasts, there are several options for breast lifting, which may include:

  1. Surgical breast lift (mastopexy): This procedure involves removing excess skin, reshaping the breast tissue, and repositioning the nipple to achieve a more lifted appearance.
  2. Some nonsurgical options, such as radiofrequency or ultrasound treatments, claim to tighten the skin and lift the breasts without surgery.
  3. While exercise cannot directly tighten loose skin, it can help improve overall muscle tone and posture, which may have a modest lifting effect on the breasts.
  4. Wearing well-fitted, supportive bras can provide temporary lift and support for sagging breasts, but they do not address the underlying causes of sagging.
  5. Some creams and natural pills will improve skin elasticity and firmness without side effects of surgery.

Boobs Augmentation after Weight Loss Surgery

As I mentioned before, for many women, their boobs look worse after weight loss than they were before losing weight. This can be very frustrating for them because they do not know why this happened and how to improve the appearance of their boobs.

Many start thinking about boobs enlargement surgery, but this turns into a vicious cycle because a woman has to go from one type of surgery to another without any clear idea of how to stop this and whether these surgeries are safe or not.

Another question is whether these surgeries would be successful in improving the appearance of boobs and overall female body, or will they require further surgeries?

A recent study revealed that boobs augmentation surgery could produce more skin problems and more scarring than other forms of surgery. The researchers at the University of Melbourne were surprised that some women had less improvement when they had their boobs augmented after weight loss surgery.

More and more operations may be required

However, their findings could also suggest that it’s not the type of boobs surgery that is to blame for these side effects. It’s weight loss surgery that was performed before boobs augmentation that caused certain changes in the female body that cannot be easily fixed with boobs implants.

Moreover, there are other studies that indicate that performing numerous surgical operations one after another may result in permanent problems in skin, inner organs, heart and blood system, as well as nerves and brain function. There are many other possible complications that arise during and after these surgeries.

Choose natural alternatives!

The good news is that if you lost weight in a natural manner, leveraging exercises, mild and healthy diets, and probably reliable weight loss supplements, your boobs are unlikely to be negatively affected.

This also means that choosing natural alternatives to any kind of surgery – be it weight loss, boobs enlargement, or whatever else – is the best option to proceed with.

So if you need to lose weight, go ahead and start exercising. By the way, certain chest exercises may even improve the appearance of your boobs. Of course, without changing boobs size.

Similar to this, there are diets that include vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial for boobs skin and shape. Finally, you can also avoid surgery by choosing herbal supplements that contain these vitamins and minerals that stimulate production of breast growth hormones and cause increase in boobs size. This growth occurs at a slower rate but since this happens from inside your body, the results are permanent and free of side effects associated with surgical enlargement.


Having lost a great number of pounds, lots of women resort to services of plastic surgeons to lift their boobs.

When women lose their weight, their boobs, like other parts of the body, change their appearance too, and sometimes it can make women nervous and unhappy.

Boob lift surgery

Fast significant weight loss lessens skin elasticity, which is especially noticeable on the boobs as their skin is considerably thinner.

Boobs lift surgery is called mastopexy. Its main purpose is to remove the excess, flabby skin.

This technique is aimed at improving the boobs’ tissues and nipples to a more appealing, younger, and better look. It may also help the bust to feel well-toned, comparable to the pre-weight loss condition.

Boob lift surgery
Boob lift surgery

The procedure is unique for each patient due to 2 major factors:

  1. First of all, the amount of skin that should be removed is individual.
  2. Secondly, the patients’ wishes and aims are also different.

Both these factors determine the incision which should be carried out. Some patients want the skin around the areola (skin of brown color near the nipples) to be cut while some people prefer to remove skin around the breast itself.

Sometimes, a minimally invasive approach can be carried out with just a tiny scar around the areola; however, it’s not very common with the majority of weight reduction individuals because of the degrees of skin atony present.

In the most cases the operation is rather painful.

A patient is able to work in seven to ten days on the average and can return to their regular activities in three weeks after the boobs lift surgery.

Boob enlargement surgery

In case of losing much weight, it is not only the boob’s skin that loses its attractiveness. The tissue of the boob itself suffers, too, and often loses its elasticity and sags. In such cases, the boobs implant surgery can be recommended, by means of which the volume of the boobs restores.

There are a lot of choices for this procedure. The boob enlargement surgery is carried out through some small incisions. They are located around the areola, along the breast fold and sometimes in the underarm.

Boob enlargement surgery
Boob enlargement surgery

The implants either can be positioned under the pectoralis muscle or underneath the tissue of the boob. Practically all patients decide to get the implants placed directly under the chest muscle because this creates a more natural look under their baggy skin.

A boob lifting surgery is an outpatient procedure. It can be done with either local or central anesthesia.

Surgeons usually perform this operation for one or two hours. To lessen postoperative pain oral medicines are usually prescribed. As we have already mentioned, patients can start working in a week or so, as a rule.

Modern techniques of boobs surgery

In case you think about boobs enlargement, there is nothing to worry about. Surgery can reinstall your glowing appearance and your self-confidence. Some of the boobs enlargement methods involve:

  1. Inframammary (in the fold under the breast): An incision, one to two inches long, is made in the fold in the shadow under the boob. Through this incision, a pocket is made either behind the pectoral muscle or behind the boob. The implant is inserted into the pocket and inflated. The only disadvantage of this boob enlargement approach is that there may be a noticeable scar under the breast.
  2. Axillary (armpit): The axillary incision is made through a crease in the armpit. The pocket for the boob implant can be made in front of or behind the pectoral muscle. The advantage of this approach is that there are no scars on the boob.

Surgery always involves risks, for example, infection, bleeding, or implant failure. Modern techniques of surgical boob lift are carefully performed to minimize risks but cannot guarantee a perfect result every time.

The fact that the procedure is so minimally invasive does not decrease the risks of surgical boob lifting. On the contrary, there is an increased risk of boobs deformation that may happen after this type of surgery.

We suggest you should try to find out how to get bigger boobs without surgery, instead.

The truth about boob enlargement surgery

Risks of boob implants are widely discussed, and they are often presented in a not favorable light.

The procedure is accompanied by risks and this is inevitable.

Many disputes over the use of implants with silicone gel brought to the situation when implants with saline solution appeared on the market.

Silicone gel or saline solution?
Doctors discussing silicone gel and saline solutions

You can get some useful information online. Try to find out the truth about boobs lifting surgery. There are a lot of women who can give you a good piece of advice and you will know how to restore your original size and make your boobs look better.

Before getting surgery, you should ask a lot of questions. Do not think that the only bad thing you can do is getting surgery because that is not the case. In any case, you have to know the risks of getting some types of boobs surgery and you have to know the advantages of getting some other types of boob enlargement.

Among such recommendations, you may find some comments on natural boob enlargement. It may become a natural way to return the boobs you had before weight loss, but without dangerous aftereffects of boobs lifting surgery.

How to lift saggy boobs?

Many women decide to resolve the problem of saggy boobs after weight loss through the surgery. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states approximately 35,000 ladies become the clients of clinics to undergo boobs augmentation surgery – each month!

The number of surgeries is increasing each year!
The number of surgeries is increasing each year!

Women are attracted by this method of solving the problem because the surgery is not very long. Within a maximum of 5 hours, a woman can get bigger boobs. Women do not leave the career for a long time or worry about the relations because in one week ladies start their standard life if there are no post-surgical complications.

But there’s always concern about some negative aspects after the surgery. Moreover, not everyone is psychologically ready to undergo boobs augmentation surgery.

Why? This is because of the side effects of boob enlargement surgery.

Side effects of boobs lifting surgery

Occasionally, boobs implants may break or leak. 3% suffer leakage within three years causing a deflated implant. The saline fill is salt water and will be absorbed by the body without negative effects.

Older implants with silicone gel can leak also. If this occurs, one of two things may occur. If there is a breakage of the implant shell that has a contracture scar around it, then it may not feel like anything has happed. If the shell breaks and there is not a contracture scar, then leakage into the surrounding tissue results in a sensation that the implant is deflating.

The leaking gel may collect in the boob and a new scar may form around it. In other cases, the gel can migrate through the lymphatic system to another area of the body.

Breaks may require a second operation and replacement of the leaking implant. If the gel has migrated it may not be possible to remove all of the silicone gel.

This silicone gel is what some say is related to the initiation of connective tissue disorders.

Side effects of boobs lifting surgery
Side effects of boobs lifting surgery

One study showed that up to 15% of boobs implants that had been in place for 10 years had ruptured or were leaking.

For silicone gel and saline-filled implants, some causes of rupture or deflation include:

  1. damage by surgical instruments during surgery,
  2. overfilling or underfilling of the implant with saline solution (specific only to saline-filled breast implants),
  3. capsular contracture,
  4. closed capsulotomy,
  5. stresses such as trauma or intense physical manipulation,
  6. excessive compression during mammographic imaging,
  7. placement through the umbilical incision,
  8. site injury to the breast,
  9. normal aging of the implant,
  10. unknown/unexplained reasons.

How to lift boobs without surgery?

Why suffer from these horrible effects? Supplements for bigger boobs are safe, natural, effective, and they really work! This is a revolutionary breakthrough that lets every woman make boobs bigger naturally!

How is it possible that these supplements are so effective but not extremely popular? Let’s be honest, we all want everything right now, we do not like to wait for something to happen in a month or two.

The same is true for boobs enlargement supplements. Unlike surgery where you get the new size in a couple of hours, it takes at least a month or up to 50 days to see the result of boobs growth. It takes weeks and months for you body to adapt, start producing new hormones that cause boobs growth, and then see the new boobs size.

Learn more about boobs enlargement in this video

Why choose these supplements if it takes so long to increase boobs size? The answer is simple: no side effects!

Get the larger boobs you want, the natural way! Pills for bigger boobs work in only 30 days with zero harmful side effects.

Wake up your bust line with its own natural growth process! Boob enlargement pills contain herbs that work naturally for real growth, in a safe and non-surgical way.

How to lift boobs without surgery?
How to lift boobs without surgery?

Maybe you’re just a little hesitant. That’s understandable. Sometimes new breakthroughs like pills for bigger boobs can seem just a little too good to be true at first. That’s why you should look for a guarantee and user experience. That’s why we will provide more information about these pills below.

How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally?

If you are scared of surgery but want to have elastic young bust, find out how to get bigger boobs naturally.

Most women do not know that fluctuation in hormone levels may also be responsible for underdeveloped boobs. About 80% of women have underdeveloped boobs because of imbalances in hormone levels. If you want to balance your hormones and make your boobs bigger without surgery, you should opt for boobs enlargement pills.

These pills can give you what you want without dangers and fears. Your boobs will be larger, fuller and firmer. No artificial stimulants, frightening surgeries, or uncomfortable bra inserts! You may get what you want easily!

Scientific studies have revealed that women who have chosen to make boobs bigger naturally, experience only positive effects. Moreover, PMS and menopause symptoms can also be reduced.

The bigger boobs feel good and tend to improve overall social awareness and awareness of what it means to be attractive. It has been found that these positive feelings are contagious and result in more confidence and a more positive perception of others. Also, they help to gain partners interest in you and can help you achieve long term relationships.

What is inside boob enlargement pills?

Natural pills for bigger boobs contain only safe and reliable herbs that have been proven for centuries to provide a positive effect on the overall woman’s health. These herbs like Pueraria Mirifica make the breasts bigger and restore the boobs volume.

There are no side effects in using herbal boobs products. They are way much better than boob enlargement surgery.

Natural supplements are better!
Natural supplements are better!

Actually, pills for boobs growth contain a mixture of various herbal components. In addition to Pueraria Mirifica, there are Saw palmetto, Damiana, Blessed thistle, Mexican wild yam, Fenugreek, Dong Quai and Fennel.

These ingredients have been used for centuries to improve many aspects of female health including boosting libido, improving breast milk production, and of course, natural boobs growth. The ingredients are usually combined in such a way that the effects occur in the right direction of releasing boobs growth hormones in the breast tissue.

Natural pills for bigger boobs

Why do so many women prefer to get bigger boobs without surgery? The answer is simple – the pills are cost-effective, less risky and have fewer side effects.

Herbal pills for bigger boobs make tissue grow without doing any harm to a woman’s organism. Only natural components are claimed to be used in manufacturing these pills.

Do these pills work to make boobs bigger?

These natural breast enhancement pills contain ingredients such as herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are believed to promote breast growth by increasing estrogen levels in the body. By increasing levels of estrogen, these pills stimulate the natural process of breast growth.

Some clinical trials also confirm the positive effects of Pueraria Mirifica on the level of estrogen resulting in increased breast size.

Natural breast enhancement pills offer a safe and convenient way to increase boobs size naturally, but you have to be cautious if you want to use them.

Conclusion: It’s Possible to Get Bigger Boobs!

Before starting taking supplements for bigger boobs, see your doctor as you do before taking any other medicine. Some side effects you may encounter are irregular periods and constipation. However, these side effects are insignificant in comparison with the long-desired result – beautiful large boobs – that you will achieve.

You may also want to read online reviews, compare and choose the best pills for bigger boobs – luckily, there are sites that provide this information.

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