How to Get Bigger Breast Naturally at Home? Get Bigger Breast Without Implants!


Breast is a symbol of femininity and sexuality. Women often think about the size of their breasts and often dream about bigger breasts. Why?

When a woman thinks about getting bigger breast, she actually dreams about a fuller, firmer, more enhanced appearance.

Various hormonal imbalances can often affect and inhibit the natural growth of the mammary glands (the breasts), thus giving smaller breast and reducing its fullness. Hormone balancing is the first step every woman should take for a fuller, firmer, bigger breast.

Hormone misbalancing can actually lead to poor breast growth as well as problems such as sagging and shrinking with age, after pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Let’s find out how to get bigger breast and is it possible to make breast bigger without surgery – yes, naturally, at home.

How to Get Bigger Breast?

Women have always been thinking about how to get bigger breasts. Beautiful breasts make you feel confident and improve your overall look. But what are the most common options to get bigger bust?

Woman thinking about how to get bigger breasts
Woman thinking about how to get bigger breasts

The best ways to get bigger breast

  1. Surgery for bigger breasts. Some women are so eager to get increased breasts that they try unnatural ways, that are typically highly unsuccessful, even dangerous for their health. They start taking hormonal medications filled with chemical substances or decide to undergo a breast increase surgery. The desire for improved body forms drives a lot of women to undergo plastic surgery in order to get a bigger breast size. Breast surgical procedure implies the use of implants, such as silicone gel. Among the negative aspects and inconvenience of this sort of surgical interference are anesthesia and noticeably long and painful recovery time. Women can stay away from soreness by buying prescription medication which is extraordinarily expensive.
  2. Hormonal medications. There are also other ways of breast enlargement that include hormonal medications. These can be injections, creams or medications that are chemical-based and/or include hormones. All these are unnatural methods that can be dangerous. They often come with life-threatening side effects and are not recommended without consultation with a doctor.
  3. Herbal pills for bigger breasts. The success is proven by clinical tests. You may get the product in a convenient pack that is easy to keep. While taking breast pills, you will feel that your breasts got firmer and you have a bigger cup size. The results are not seen immediately because it takes some time (usually up to 2 months) for herbs in these pills to change your body. What is more, the product contains only natural components. No chemicals! No dangerous preservatives! No artificial coloring!
  4. Creams and lotions for breast lifting. Today there are so many websites advertising different lotions and medicine that can improve your breast appearance. Although there can be products that contain unnatural ingredients and synthetic hormones, you can find natural breast lifting creams without harmful effects. They can provide the best possible breast lifting in 3 months or less! However, you should be aware that breast lifting creams will never make your breasts bigger! They are designed to change the shape of the female breast and improve breast skin appearance.
  5. Exercises for bigger breasts after breastfeeding. Many women today decide to do breast exercises to make breasts firm and bigger. Although they do not pay anything for such a treatment, the results are far from what they expect to see. You may exercise your chest for quite a long time but get no positive results.
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Bigger Breast After Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Many women notice their breasts becoming bigger during and right after pregnancy and breastfeeding. This happens due to hormonal changes in their bodies and due to the presence of the breastmilk in the breast tissues.

There are times where breastmilk levels are high and your breasts may swell a bit. This is quite common.

Breast during pregnancy

You do not need to be concerned if your breasts do swell during pregnancy or breastfeeding. They will usually return to normal by the end of your breastfeeding.

But this may result in another program: breast sagging after breastfeeding. many women notice their breasts look even smaller and saggier then they were before pregnancy.

What is breastfeeding?

First of all, let’s review what breastfeeding is and how it affects breast size.

Breastfeeding provides nourishment as well as foster a loving bond between a mother and a child.

Breastfeeding is a natural way of bonding with your child. Nursing and holding the child close causes the brain to release a hormone-like substance called oxytocin. Its release is especially pronounced with skin-to-skin contact. This hormone has been called the “love hormone” or the “cuddle hormone” or the “bonding hormone”. It provides a sense of calm and well being and helps the mother and child to bond together. It is involved in those mothering feelings we experience after giving birth to a child.


Breastmilk contains a wonderful hormone called cholecystokinin (CCK), which induces sleepiness, both in the baby and the mother. It is the easiest method to put your child to sleep.

Also, while nursing, the child will usually get much more skin-to-skin contact with Mommy – and that can make a difference in how well your baby grows.

Studies show how premature infants grow much better if they are massaged and touched a lot by a human hand, and the same surely applies to babies born at term.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful process that is required by both mom and child. Unfortunately, breastfeeding often causes saggy breasts.

This causes the next question: how to get bigger breast after breastfeeding?

How to get bigger breast after breastfeeding?

If your breast is no longer full and attractive as it was before you started breastfeeding your child, you may want to look for the natural ways to get bigger breast. For example, herbal supplements for bigger breasts will give you a fuller, firmer shape – like before breastfeeding or even better!

Herbal supplements for bigger breasts
Herbal supplements for bigger breasts

Another option of getting bigger breasts after breastfeeding is breast lift surgery.

Breast lift surgery can quickly restore the look of a female breast but unfortunately comes with numerous side effects.

Breast surgery and breastfeeding

A lot of women ask if they can breastfeed after bigger breast surgery. The answer is a resounding yes. For the vast majority of women who had breast augmentation surgery, breastfeeding is no more difficult with implants than without. In fact, some women who have breastfed with and without implants say that breastfeeding after breast enlargement is easier!

Breastfeeding is a growing concern for patients who have had breast surgery. In previous years, women who received implants were married and had already finished with childbearing. However, more and more single women and women who have not finished or even begun childbearing are having the surgery.

The danger of breastfeeding

In 1992 the first report of a Silicone Illness hit the media. At that time there was fear that breastfeeding with silicone implants would endanger the child. There have been studies performed to show this not to be the case. The main reason being that the silicone molecule is too large to pass into the milk ducts.

Later, Silicone was removed from general use, and Saline implants were the only available devices on the market. Even if the saline did leach into the milk, it is an inert substance, with no harmful effects on the mother or baby.

Locations of breast implants

Some concerns are placed on implant placement and incision site. It is said to be more optimal to have the implants placed under the muscle, and to avoid the peri-areolar incision. The reasons are simple, using those guidelines, there is less interference with the milk ducts which reside directly under the skin and in the tissue above the muscle of the breast.

However, as with everything in science, this is not guaranteed. There are many women who have had placement of implant and incision in sub-optimal locations and are still very successful with breastfeeding.

It is very important to discuss your plans for breastfeeding your baby at the time of your consultation. Your surgeon will be able to work with you, to get the best possible results, even if you are not planning on having children anytime in the near future.

Natural supplements for bigger breasts: no side effects ever!

If you want to eliminate risks of side effects during breastfeeding completely, take a look at natural supplements for bigger breasts. The herbs in these supplements allow bigger breast that you can be proud of, naturally.

Get bigger breasts naturally! No surgery, no painful side effects, no implants, no risks during breastfeeding.

 Herbal pills for bigger breasts
Herbal pills for bigger breasts

Read below for more information about medicines for bigger breasts and how they can help.

Different-sized Breasts after Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Another problem every woman may encounter is different-sized breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

First of all, having different-sized breasts is perfectly normal.

Different-sized breasts

It’s quite common for women to have different-sized breasts or nipples, especially as they change after pregnancy. Everyone’s different, and no two women’s breasts will look exactly the same. In fact, body asymmetry – where one body part, like a foot or a hand, is a different size or shape from its partner – is quite common in humans.

Some women with different-sized breasts worry that there’s something medically wrong, but chances are there isn’t. If you’re really worried about your breast asymmetry, talk to your doctor or gynecologist.

The good news is that other people usually can’t see the difference in the size of a female breasts – even if that difference is a full cup size.

Talk to your doctor

How to deal with different-sized breasts?

Some women decide to wear supportive bras or special inserts that make their breasts appear more equal in size. It may also help to talk to your mom, sister, or an aunt or grandmother – they may have worried about having different-sized breasts during their pregnancy, too.

But if you want any kind of “action” you should go ahead and try different solutions to get breast bigger – we have talked about them before. For example, pills for bigger breast will not only make your breasts bigger but also help you make them similar in size.

How to get bigger breasts without surgery?

The answer may not be as straightforward as it seems. The latest research suggests women should be aware of all possible techniques of breast augmentation.

The truth is many women may imagine only breast augmentation surgery when they think about breast size. But according to our previous research, there are at least 5 methods of getting bigger breasts, with surgery being only one of them.

What foods increase breast size?

One of the options to get bigger breasts without surgery is to eat foods that contain phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogens are plant-based compounds that have a chemical structure similar to estrogen, the primary female hormone. While they are not as potent as estrogen produced by the body, they can potentially mimic its effects in some tissues and cause breast growth.

Foods that contain phytoestrogens include:

  1. Soy products, such as tofu, tempeh, and soy milk.
  2. Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil.
  3. Sesame seeds.
  4. Chickpeas.
  5. Lentils.
  6. Alfalfa sprouts.
  7. Red clover.
  8. Fennel.

It is important to note that while the effects of phytoestrogens on breast growth are not well understood, it’s easy to add phytoestrogen to your diet in moderation and see these effects on your own!

So is it possible to get bigger breasts without surgery?

The answer is yes but the solution is not simple.

First and foremost, women should understand that breast augmentation surgery is the most widely discussed, most accepted, proven, and clinically confirmed method. At the same time, it is the most difficult, costly, and unpredictable technique when it comes to side effects. Most women are scared of having their breasts enlarged with the help of the surgery and this is where they are absolutely correct!

If breast surgery is so risky, why is it so popular? Why don’t women decide to get bigger breasts without all these negative effects and dangers of surgery? Well, the truth is that sometimes other methods are not well-established, they are not clinically approved, and they seem to work slower. But this does not mean they fail to work in most cases!

Herbal extracts like Pueraria Mirifica has a long proven history of success in female health care, helping millions of women increase breast size without resorting to surgeries.

The next reason is the price. Why would a doctor recommend free chest exercises and a $50 box of herbal pills while they can get up to $10,000 per surgical operation? In fact, breast enlargement surgeon is one of the most profitable professions and the overall breast augmentation industry is known to receive millions of dollars each year.

Solution: How to get bigger breasts without surgery?

Think about how to get bigger breasts without surgery!

If you are okay with the costs and risks of breast surgery, you may try this method first. Otherwise, you may want to start with other options like exercises or natural pills for bigger breasts – we will talk about them later below.

The worst outcome of these pills may be that you don’t grow from cup A to cup D! Anyway, they will be beneficial for your overall health, these pills will improve skin condition, and are likely to show at least small growth.

It is quite possible to increase breast size from cup A to cup B or even C!

Many Questions – One Solution: Pills for Bigger Breast

As we learned before, there are many reasons for an idea to get bigger breasts. Some women want to restore their appearance after pregnancy. Others are not satisfied with how their breasts look like after breastfeeding. And most women with smaller breasts simply want to answer one simple question:

How do i get bigger breast?

Although there are many ways to get a bigger breast, one of the easiest options to start with is pills for bigger breasts.

How to get bigger breast naturally at home?

It is highly advisable to give preference to a natural treatment that has been tested and found safe. Having your wellbeing as a top priority, these medicines are designed to make you comfortable through eliminating the pain and helping to confront numerous health problems while giving the results and experience you are seeking for.

Herbal supplements for bigger breasts
Herbal supplements for bigger breasts

Natural supplements for bigger breasts bring brilliant results and are absolutely safe. Their safety is founded on the absence of artificial coloring or unsafe preservatives. The pills are also attractive because of the quick and long-lasting results.

Can you imagine? The results of natural supplements for bigger breasts can be noticed in as little as a month.

Your breasts will become larger, firmer, and smoother. You will also remark that some wrinkles and stretch marks have vanished.

How to bigger breast in a week?

Another question many women ask is: “How to get bigger breast in a week?”

And is it possible? How long does it take for a natural supplement to increase breast? Although natural supplements for bigger breast are known to be the most safe and reliable option for breast growth, they are not a quick solution. Unlike some other options like breast surgery, it takes weeks and sometimes even months for breast supplements to work.

Many women who buy these supplements for bigger breast think that it is a magic pill that will help them get bigger breasts very fast. But, this is not true. We need to know that every supplement makes slow but steady changes in female body in order to affect hormone production and cause a growth of new breast tissue.

In this case, breast enlargement is a natural process. Natural growth means that your breast size will increase as if it was caused by natural processes in your body. However, first results of this process are often noticeable within 2-3 weeks.

Moreover, if you choose a complete program for bigger breast, your results might be seen even faster! In this case, in addition to the natural supplements, you will apply breast lifting cream and perform breast exercises. Breast cream will improve the appearance of your breast, and exercises will boost muscle tone to make breasts even bigger! As a result of this breast growth program, you can actually get bigger breast in a week!

The right kind of pill is also necessary for bigger breast. If you are consuming the right product, then you will get proper nourishment to your body. This is the reason you should not take all those cheap pills. You must take the pills that are manufactured by the reliable brands.

What is inside pills for bigger breasts?

The key to such a miracle is in P. Mirifica that is the main ingredient of pills for bigger breast.

This herb is gathered while flowering and it happens only two times a year. This process is very slow and delicate. But the product is worth labors because it enlarges fat tissues and milk ducts.

The roots of P. Mirifica include biological phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen is considered to be a natural estrogen-like substance.

That can have similar effects on the human organism as estrogen hormones and develop stronger and firmer breasts.

Doctors recommend natural estrogen supplements for bigger breasts that contain P. Mirifica
Doctors recommend natural estrogen supplements for bigger breasts that contain P. Mirifica

It was even aired in the CBS which proclaimed that a woman can increase her breast within a month if she applies P. Mirifica. Natural estrogen supplements for bigger breasts that contain P. Mirifica can give you what you dream about and you will supercharge your confidence. They often include other herbal ingredients that work together to enlarge breasts in less than a month!

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