How to Enlarge Breast Naturally? We Analyzed the Best Breast Enlargement Pills in 2024 to Find Out If They Work!


When women are young, their breasts consist mainly of the glandular (firm) tissues, which are replaced by looser fatty tissues with the age. This is a normal process. It concerns not only women but men as well.

After the end of puberty female breasts stop enlarging and their size remains the same through the rest of a woman’s life.

Even if a woman wants to get larger breasts, there is nothing she can do about it… Or can she?

Actually, there WAS nothing she could do with the idea to make breast larger until the invention of the breast augmentation surgery.

Is it Possible to Increase Breast Size Naturally?

The size of a female breasts is primarily determined by genetics and hormones. While there is no guaranteed way to quickly increase breast size, many women explore various methods and lifestyle changes in the hope of achieving modest results:

  1. Exercise: While exercise won’t increase the size of the actual breast tissue, it can strengthen and tone the muscles underneath the breasts (pectorals), giving the appearance of firmer and lifted breasts.
  2. Healthy diet: A balanced diet that includes sufficient nutrients can contribute to overall health, including breast health.
  3. Massage: Many women practice breast massage with the belief that it can stimulate blood flow and promote breast growth.
  4. Herbal supplements: Certain herbs, such as fenugreek and fennel, are believed by many medical experts to have estrogen-like effects and may be used in supplements. The safety and effectiveness of these supplements are well-established, and they can have a positive effects on breast size.
  5. Optimal hormone levels: Hormones play a significant role in breast development. Ensuring overall hormonal balance through a healthy lifestyle may contribute to breast health.

It’s important to approach these methods with caution. Surgical options, such as breast augmentation, remain the most effective and reliable way to increase breast size, but they come with their own set of risks and considerations.

Breast Enlargement Options

The popularity of breast surgery changes nowadays. Medical specialists, moralists, and public opinion often disapprove of breast implants. But public judgment is not the only risk connected with breast surgery.

Breast surgery risks
Breast surgery risks

There are constant discussions about its safety. For example, many doctors don’t use implants with silicone gel; instead, they use implants with a saline solution.

Breast Enlargement Options: Video Guide

Check this video to compare all 6 options of breast enlargement: from expensive surgery to cheap exercises, from dangerous hormone therapy to safe herbal pills:

How to get larger breast without surgery?

But if a woman thinks of how to enlarge breast naturally, there is a widely discussed solution that comes with advantages, benefits, as well as side effects and risk warnings:

Breast Enlargement Pills

We will review them in this article to find out if they are really effective and help get larger breasts without surgery.

Natural breast enlargement pills
Natural breast enlargement pills

Natural breast enlargement pills take the first place in improving the form of breasts. Being an alternative to surgical breast enlargement, they activate numerous growth processes in the woman’s bust.

It is possible to get breast enlargement pills that actually work. They can be purchased without a prescription and there is no need to apply to the health practitioner for that.

For example, estrogen pills for breast enlargement can assist in raising the amount of estrogen and make the bust tissues stronger.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

But before we analyze the best natural breast enlargement pills in 2020, let’s take another look at the breast augmentation surgery and find out why it can be dangerous.

What is inside breast implants?

There are several forms of the chemical in breast implants that can cause a problem in the human organism. Silicon (Si) is the basic element and probably causes immune system changes.

Silica or SiO2 is the form it is mined from the earth. Silicone gel is a synthetic material containing 38% silicon. The silica is 45% silicon.

Problems with breast implants

There is slow leakage (“bleeding”) of the silicone gel from the implants through the semi-permeable membrane envelope and also into and through the capsule that surrounds the implants. This is picked up by the macrophages (scavenger cells) of our immune system and is broken down inside these cells which travel all over the body.

Breast implants
Breast implants

The gel breaks down inside these cells, which travel all over the body. The gel breaks down into Silica and Silicon which causes an immune system dysregulation. Thus, there are antibodies produced against the silicon and also against the silicon and protein complex (organ systems) so that you get an autoimmune illness.

Chemicals in breast implants

Below is the list of chemicals which experts have analyzed to be in the explanted breast implant shell envelopes and gels.

  • Methyl Ethyl Ketone
  • Cyclohexane
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Denatured Alcohol
  • Acetone
  • Urethane
  • Lacquer thinner
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Epoxy hardener
  • Amine
  • Printing ink
  • Toluene
  • Freon
  • Silicone
  • Lofol (formaldehyde)
  • Flux Metal
  • cleaning acid
  • Eastman 910 glue (Cyanoacyryiates)
  • Talcum Powder
  • Color Pigments as release agents Oakite (a cleaning solvent)
  • Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
  • Carbon black
  • Xylene
  • Hexane
  • Hexanone 2
  • Antioxidant (rubber)
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Naphtha (rubber solvent)
  • Phenol Benzene-Known carcinogen

Do you want all this in your body? Or do you prefer natural breast enlargement pills? It’s up to you. The choice is yours.

Breast Enlargement Pills

Women have the opportunity to choose the best suitable method of breast enlargement for them as there are many. However, natural breast enlargement pills are considered to be the most effective.

While taking breast enlargement pills women receive all necessary nutrients to make breasts larger. These pills also make women’s breasts firmer, which improves their overall appearance.

Are breast enlargement pills dangerous?

This is a question we often receive when we discuss these pills:

Are breast enlargement pills dangerous?

No, they are not. There are certain side effects of breast enlargement pills but you should always consult with your doctor before starting any new medication. These pills are clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Pills are clinically proven to be safe and effective
Pills are clinically proven to be safe and effective

For example, the top breast enlargement pills usually contain P. Mirifica, which originated from Thailand, known to have many youthful characteristics. Another component, Vitamin E, protects a woman’s body against free radical damage and is a good effective moisturizer.

There is a chance of an allergic reaction to certain ingredients but other than that, these breast enlargement pills are not dangerous!

How to enlarge breast naturally?

If you want to choose a natural way to enlarge your breasts, taking pills is the one.

In addition to being the most effective, it is a non-invasive solution (nothing breaks the skin or physically enters the body).

Your breast look improves together with the improvement of your self-esteem and self-image. The hormone production is regulated, which is beneficial for the breast tissue.

However, stay away from hormonal pills for breast enlargement. You should choose natural breast enlargement pills because they are free of side effects often associated with hormonal pills.

Not only do effective breast enlargement pills make your breasts look better, but they also make them healthier.

Do Breast Enlargement Pills Work?

Breast enlargement pills work naturally by stimulating the growth of your own breast tissue while firming and tightening the breast area.

The formula usually has unique herbs which help with breast tissue expansion, growth, and development. These pills are a safe and effective alternative to expensive and dangerous breast surgery.

Look for herbal ingredients
Look for herbal ingredients

Breast enlargement pills are certified to contain all thirteen of nature’s most effective botanicals that promote breast growth. These unique and exotic ingredients, used in this particular combination, result in an amazing product: breast enlargement pills that really work!

You may find out more about these botanicals in this e-book from Huntington University of Health Sciences.

How breast enlargement pills work

During puberty, a woman’s body naturally produces estrogens which help in the development of new tissue. This hormone determines the size, shape, and fullness of a woman’s breasts.

Lower levels of these hormones will result in smaller, less developed breasts.

Breast enlargement pills contain phytoestrogens, which are naturally occurring non-hormonal plant estrogens which stimulate your body to produce new breast tissue growth.

Breast enlargement pills safely stimulate breast growth resulting in bigger, firmer, and fuller breasts making it the #1 choice for breast enlargement.

Estrogen and female health

What is estrogen and how does it affect your health? If you’re interested in lowering your risk of different breast diseases, it’s important to understand the role that estrogen, and other hormones, play in your health.

What is estrogen?

Get started by reading about estrogen.

What is Estrogen?

What is estrogen and how does it affect your health? Estrogen is a female sex hormone. It is produced in the ovaries, along with other hormones. Estrogen is responsible for breast growth and for a proper functioning of a woman’s reproductive system. However, this is more than just a “female sex hormone”. Estrogen also controls menstrual cycles and helps during pregnancy.

Moreover, this hormone is produced in men, too. Many people think that estrogen is a “female” hormone while testosterone is found only in men. This is not correct, all human bodies produce and require both of these hormones. But of course, levels of estrogen and testosterone are different in men and women.

As we mentioned before, estrogen is required by both men’s and women’s bodies to function properly. In addition to female-specific features, this hormone causes growth of pubic and underarm hair, regulate sex drive, keeps healthy levels of cholesterol, affects brain health, and even helps protect bones. Both men and women need this hormone for heart, skin, and other tissues.

Low Estrogen Levels

However, if we are talking about breast growth and breast enlargement, it makes sense to find out what happens with female bodies when estrogen level becomes too low. In fact, estrogen levels in women may vary from time to time, depending on the individual changes in woman’s body.

Low levels of estrogen can be caused by natural, surgical, or chemical menopause, and by estrogen suppression medications. Some side effects of low estrogen may include hot flashes, headaches, night sweats, and vaginal dryness.

Some women may be able to take HRT (hormone replacement therapy) to help counteract these effects.

High levels of estrogen may also cause negative impact especially on men where they cause enlarged male breasts (gynecomastia), poor erections and even infertility. However, supplementation of female bodies with estrogen is known to be safe within limits. And in this case, the same effects of breast enlargement may be considered positive!

Long-term Use of Estrogen is Safe Within Limits

Some kinds of breast diseases are caused by high amounts of estrogen. That’s the reason that estrogen suppression medications are an important part of treatment plans.

However, even long-term use of medications that include phytoestrogens is known to be absolutely safe.

For example, a recent study by the American Journal of Medicine found no association between breast cancer and exposure to phytoestrogens in women.

Moreover, clinical studies confirmed medical applications of phytoestrogens from the Thai herb Pueraria Mirifica. This herb contains active phytoestrogens that produce estrogenic activity on the female reproductive organs, prevent cardiovascular diseases and stimulate production of breast cells thus enlarging female breasts!

The herbs can also suppress certain types of breast diseases caused by estrogen deficiency and other estrogen-dependent diseases in both and women.

What are Phytoestrogens?

Phytoestrogens are a class of plant compounds that are structurally similar to the female sex hormone estrogen. They are found in some natural products, such as tofu, flax, chia, and flaxseed. They are also found in some dairy products and meat.

These compounds can actually protect your body and balance your hormones. Phytoestrogens come in many forms including isoflavones. Isoflavones can help your body stay healthy and keep estrogen levels in your body balanced.

photo of sliced tofu on bowl
Phytoestrogens can be found in soy and dairy products

Phytoestrogens are often used in breast enlargement pills. The effects of phytoestrogens in humans are still being studied, but preliminary research suggests that they may protect against bone loss and may lower the risk of heart disease and breast cancer.

It’s important to understand that phytoestrogens are not estrogen or progesterone hormones. These plant-based compounds are non-estrogenic and do not cause the same side effects as synthetic hormones. For example, soy-based products with phytoestrogens have been linked with a reduced risk of breast cancer, lowers the risk of stroke, and improved heart health.

While phytoestrogens may be effective in stimulating breast growth, more research needs to be done to determine the science behind the usage of phytoestrogens for breast enlargement. If you are a woman who wants to boost your breasts, using phytoestrogens may be a viable option for you.

The key to using phytoestrogens for breast size is taking them correctly. Taking a large amount of the supplement for a long time without proper supervision may lead to side effects and dangerous breast disorders. On the other hand, breast enlargement pills contain phytoestrogens in correct and safe proportions to initiate steady and permanent breast enlargement.

Phytoestrogens in Modern Medicine

Pueraria Mirifica: Source of Phytoestrogens
Pueraria Mirifica: Source of Phytoestrogens

As a result, Pueraria Mirifica has been used for centuries in the Thai medicine and elsewhere as a traditional herbal remedy for women with menstrual disorders, infertility and other problems, including small breasts.

Nowadays, many manufacturers include this remedy as a source of phytoestrogens in their medications, dietary supplements and multivitamin pills.

Currently, there is no conclusive evidence that breast enlargement pills may replace breast augmentation surgery as a much more safe and cheaper alternative. No surgeon is willing to risk losing their jobs because of this type of herbal medication. However, it has been clinically proven that Pueraria Mirifica has a lot of benefits on overall female health and there is evident connection between phytoestrogens in Pueraria Mirifica and breast growth in adult women.

There is no reason to miss this chance of natural breast enlargement in the form of herbal pills as a safe alternative to breast augmentation surgery!

Natural Breast Enlargement Pills

Let’s now find out the most common ingredients of herbal breast enlargement pills and see how they help get larger breasts without surgery.

Natural ingredients
Natural ingredients

There are the following herbal components that are clinically proven to improve female sexual health and increase female breasts:

  1. Dandelion shoots and/or roots have been used for centuries. They contain an abundance of phytoestrogens and are typically taken as a dietary supplement. Dandelion leaves and roots are used for making drinks. If you want to live a long life, dandelion is certainly for you.
  2. Dong Quai root is also full of phytoestrogens. It has extraordinary effects on female health including breasts. And a lot of females will certainly welcome one more benefit of this herb, which is its ability to relieve menstrual colics.
  3. Fennel: you can find it in a form of drink, gel or oil. The last ones are put on breast epidermis directly. As an aphrodisiac, fennel improves sexual desire in both males and females. It is rich in estrogenic elements and plant nutrients. If you want to multiply sexual drive, use fennel as a food or medicine.
  4. Fenugreek was one of the components used by women from the Middle East who lived in harems. They chose fenugreek as a herb for natural breast enlargement. Fenugreek is known to contain female hormones along with steroid precursors. Fenugreek increases the breast size and improves physical condition due to a high level of natural chemicals, it also relieves PMS and menstrual irregularities.
  5. Wild Yam plant nutrients comply well with the fenugreek nutrients. Wild Yam helps relieve PMS symptoms and helps solve menopausal problems.
  6. Pueraria Mirifica stimulates and improves overall condition: enhances firmness of bust and gives youthful cleanness to the skin, prevents menopause and improves blood circulation. Pueraria Mirifica is also brilliant skin nourishment with antiaging qualities.

The components listed above are often components of breast enlargement pills that really work. Before buying any natural breast enlargement pills check the list of ingredients properly so as it must include harmless plants that you already recognize.

If you want to have bigger, rounder and elastic breasts for many years choose only high-quality breast enlargement pills that work fast.

How to Find the Best Breast Enlargement Pills?

If you give preference to natural breast enlargement, explore available pills on the market and try to find the best breast enlargement pills. You should be aware that your bust won’t be big and solid and firm in a couple of days even with the most effective breast enlargement pills.

But there is a much healthier advantage: you won’t have pains, won’t suffer from scars.

Guidelines for choosing the number one breast enlargement pills for you

Read guidelines
Read guidelines
  1. Study the label of herbal breast enhancement pills and find the information about the ingredients you do not know. It is crucial to know how safe and valuable the ingredients are.
  2. If you are allergic to herbs, consider other choices.
  3. Consult with your medical doctor if you are taking other medications.
  4. When you chose the treatment find out about the company. The trustworthy company will provide you with thorough facts about the characteristics of herbal breast enhancement pills.
  5. Do not use breast enlargement pills during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Most of the breast pills will develop your overall wellbeing, for they come with a number of natural vitamins so critical and vital for health in general.

As soon as you have the end result you feel the benefits immediately. Starting with better-fitting clothes to the best intimate life.

Read breast enlargement pills reviews

Those, who are in search of effective and safe breast enlargement products can look for such advice in breast enlargement pills reviews. These can be different forums and review sites where women share natural solutions they have tested to restore the original appearance and size of their breasts.

In some cases, breast enlargement pills are supported by special exercises.

These exercises can also be effective and help make your breasts look better and younger. The most important point is that these breast enlargement programs do not cause any harmful side effects.

They will guarantee you the most excellent result in a few weeks!

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