How to Lift Female Breast After Weight Loss

When the process of weight loss is not gradual and goes quickly, the skin is not so elastic. Therefore the female breast is affected to such alterations. In this connection breast lift is frequently sought after. During this procedure extra skin is removed to avoid sagging. The goal of this procedure is to lift the entire breast tissue, including nipple, to an uplifted, more appealing and youthful position, making them feel tauter, pretty much like before weight loss.

Before the operation the condition of each patient is examined. Goals and desires, as well as the amount of skin to be removed ate considered. In the majority of cases the skin is removed around the areola and from the breasts themselves.

Sometimes the procedure can be done with only a scar remaining around the areola. However, such cases are rare as after a weight loss the amount of the excess of skin is considerable. In the majority of cases patients feel pain during several days, but still they can return to work within a week or so, and other activities can be resumed after a couple of weeks.