Breast Lift Options

Having lost great number of pounds, lots of women resort to services of plastic surgeons to lift their breast. When women lose their weight, their breasts, like other parts of the body, change their appearance too, and sometimes it can make women nervous and unhappy.

With age glandular breasts portions that were firm before lose their firmness. Loose tissues come instead and this affects the shape of breasts. The problem of similar type usually occurs in patients after considerable loss of weight.

Breast lift after weight loss

Fast significant weight loss lessens skin elasticity, which is especially noticeable on the breasts as their skin is considerably thinner. Breast lift surgery is called mastopexy. Its main purpose is to remove the excess, flabby skin. This technique is aimed at improving the breast tissues and nipples to a more appealing, younger, and better look. It may also help the bust to feel well toned, comparable to the pre-weight loss condition.

The procedure is unique for each patient. First of all, the amount of skin that should be removed is individual. Secondly, patients’ wishes and aims are also different. Both these factors determine the incision which should be carried out. Some patients want the skin around the areola (skin of brown color near the nipples) to be cut while some people prefer to remove skin around the breast itself.

Sometimes, a minimally invasive approach can be carried out with just a tiny scar around the areola; however it’s not very common with the majority of weight reduction individuals because of the degrees of skin atony present. In the most cases the operation is rather painful. A patient is able to work in a seven to ten days on the average and can return to their regular activities in three weeks.

Breast lift and enlargement after weight loss

In case of losing much weight it is not only the breasts skin that loses its attractiveness. The tissue of the breasts itself suffers, too, and often loses its elasticity and sags. In such cases the implants can be recommended, by means of which the volume of the breasts restores.

There are a lot of choices for this procedure. The surgery is carried out through some small incisions. They are located around the areola, along the breast fold and sometimes in the underarm. The implants either can be positioned under the pectoralis muscle or underneath the tissue of the breast. Practically all weight reduction individuals decide to get the implants placed directly under the chest muscle because this creates a more natural look under their baggy skin.

A breast lift augmentation is an outpatient procedure. It can be done with either local or central anesthesia. Surgeons usually perform this operation during one or two hours. To lessen postoperative pain oral medicines are usually prescribed. As we have already mentioned, patients can start working in a week or so, as a rule.

Risks of breast lift

Breast lift implants are widely discussed, and they are often presented in not favorable light. The procedure is accompanied with risk and this is inevitable. Many disputes over the use of implants with silicone gel brought to the situation when implants with saline solution appeared on the market.

You can get some useful information in forums. There you will manage to find out what the effective and save breast lifting is. There are a lot of women who can give you a good piece of advice and you will know how to restore your original size and make your breast look better.

Among such recommendations you may find some comments on breast enhancement pills or breast lifting gels. It may become a natural way to return the breast you had before weight loss, but without dangerous aftereffects of breast surgery.