Breast Implant Problems

A retrospective study of silicone gel-filled breast implant problems was prepared by FDA. It took place in Birmingham, Alabama, and the objects of study were women that had been emplaced with the first breast implant till 2008. Those who had silicone gel-filled breast implants were MRI examined to set the condition of their actual breast implants. On the whole 683 implants (344 women) were MRI examined. The verdict was that 378 implants (55%) were damaged. So 69% of the 344 women lived at least with one spoiled breast implant. Extracapsular silicone gel in one or both breasts was found with 73 women (21%) among 344. So the age of an implant, implant producer, location of it (submuscular more often than subglandular) were considered the factors that influenced on implant rupture.

Capsular contracture seems to be a usual complication of breast implant reconstruction. It means that the scar tissue (which production regards as a natural part of curing) is tightened, making it to feel firm. Maybe additional surgery will be provided to remove the scar tissue or replace the implant.