Breast surgery question

What should you do if you have decided on breast enhancement surgery? The first step is to find a surgeon. Ask for recommendations among your friends and relatives or your medical adviser. You may also read online breast enhancement forum. Maybe someone had such kind of surgical interference and could introduce the doctor. Talk to the candidates for performing an operation and find that one you could trust and feel at ease with. Consult the state medical board to be sure that there were not any disciplinary measures against him or any appeals.

The types of implants also differ and you are to decide what type should be preferred: smooth surface or textured surface implants. With an implant of smooth surface the risks of wrinkling and rippling are reduced. But at the same time the risks of implant induration increase. With the textured implant the risks of induration decrease, though the possibility of deformation is higher. The place of implants could be also discussed.