Breast surgery

Nowadays there exist different breast surgery options which are offered to patients who feel unhappy with the size, appearance, or shape of their breasts. Breast enlargement and breast reduction are the most popular procedures. Breast surgery is performed with the help of a silicone implant filled with salt water (saline). These silicone implants enhance the general appearance of breasts, helping women feel more comfortable and content with their looks. More than 300,000 women in the US chose this method in 2009.

There exists an opinion that the breast surgery is rather safe and not difficult to perform. However unlike breast pills it implies certain risks. All breast surgeries come with a risk of potential complications, and one of these complications is possible infection. In this case the implant would be removed. Some other risks include deflation, capsular contracture, bleeding, hematoma, breast hardening, and shifting of the implant.

Jerry K

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