Breast Enhancement for Teenagers

There are many questions teenagers often ask as their body changes biologically. We will try to answer a few of them:

My breasts hurt and are very tender. They also itch a lot and I’m getting stretch marks. Why?

What you are experiencing is very normal. Hormones cause your breasts to start “budding,” and the new tissue is very tender at first. Because the skin is stretching, it may also itch. Usually the pain and itching last less than a year (even though your breasts will continue to grow over five to six years.) It sounds like it’s time to get your first bra, which will protect the tender new breast growth and help minimize any pain. Any time the skin expands rapidly, the delicate underlying tissue can tear, causing thin scars (stretch marks) to form. The marks are pink or reddish at first, but they will fade and become pale or skin colored in about a year or so. There is no evidence that any treatment will prevent the stretch marks of puberty, but many women like to moisturize the skin with creams containing cocoa butter, vitamin E, or aloe vera.

Is breast size hereditary?

Yes, breast size is primarily determined by heredity. However, genetics can be very complicated, and the genes for your breast size may have come not just from your mom, but also from your father’s side, or from more distant relatives you don’t even know. So many girls will have a breast size different from their mother or their sisters.

Our advice: Let your breast grow naturally; after it stops growing if you are not satisfied with the size, try Breast Enhancement Pills, they will help you reach a shape that you always wanted.