Caffeine and Breast Enhancement

It’s hard to avoid caffeine – especially if you love coffee and tea. It’s present naturally or as an added ingredient in so many foods, drinks and drugs that most Americans probably consume some caffeine every day. But is it a serious health hazard especially for women?

The concerns were enough to move the Food and Drug Administration in late 1980 to warn pregnant women to either avoid or moderate their consumption of caffeine. Pregnant women are of special concern because caffeine gets into the bloodstream and reaches the fetus through the placenta. Also a breast-fed child can obtain caffeine from its mother’s milk.

Caffeine is a drug that stimulates the central nervous system. Its effects on individuals vary.

Most herbal breast enlarging systems use various blends of natural herbs and compounds to stimulate the mammary glands and facilitate and encourage the growth of new tissue.

A healthy lifestyle must be adhered to while taking herbal pills to get the desired effect. Pills have to be taken correctly and consistently. Caffeine and smoking cigarettes render your breast enhancement pill ineffective or less effective. Hence avoid smoking and caffeine while taking herbal supplements.