Breast Enhancement and Nursing

Breast is the central focal point of your baby’s life. It is NOT just a food source but also a source of comfort and security. It is soft and warm to feel and to baby’s mouth, which a bottle certainly isn’t. Baby feels safe and secure at Mommy’s breast. All nursing mothers can vouch for the fact how well breastfeeding calms down a fussy baby. Breast is baby’s natural pacifier and ‘security blanket’.

Breastfeeding can help your child during any kind of emotional upsets or family crises, or just simply through teething. Breastfeeding works best when it is done “on demand”, in other words whenever the baby wants to or shows cues of wishing to nurse. That can even mean up several times an hour in the beginning. First of all, infants have very small tummies and breast milk digests quickly, so the smaller the baby, the quicker she will be hungry again. Also, babies don’t nurse for food only but also for comfort and security. Western culture values independence and visible accomplishments, which is seen also in the parenting advice one often sees: mothers are told to have infants sleep in a separate bed, force them to sleep through the night without nursing, or nurse on schedule. Wearing/carrying the baby a lot, and valuing the time-spent breastfeeding are not emphasized. But even science has now found evidence that this is not the way to go. Tip: If you have small breasts try breast enhancement program for a fuller, firmer shape that you always wanted.

Jerry K

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